James Miglian Photography

Mare Island with Nocturnes

A wonderful visit to Mare Island to reconnect with old friend Tim Baskerville.  He founded the Nocturnes many years ago and I exhibited my photos with his group for several years.  Tim was one of the first to see night photography as a special art form.   When I first saw his images, all on film, I was in awe for their technical and artistic merit.  With the advances of high speed ISO digital processors there are now so many more creative options.  Though I have found that there is an offsetting factor of fewer fences to climb over and fewer accessable historical sites to stumble upon.   

It has been several years since visiting Mare Island and though it still resonates as an abandoned, decaying military site, some of the character is gone - some of the relics have been removed for the publics safety and commercial activity is progressing.  Perhaps with this potential revival there will be more concern for those that have served our country and their families.  The grave sites at the local cemetry pictured here has not been maintained since the Navy turned the property over to the City of Vallejo.   

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